Team Sunrise


Midland Remax Challenge: September 11th through 14th

Team Sunrise is made up of friends and family of the Pilot and Crew Chief Brian and Kellie Prokuda. In 2008 it is presently planned to do the above three events. Check back here throughout the season to see how the team is doing and for the possibility of additional competitions!

We hope to see you at one or more of the events!

After launching from several miles away, Brian has navigated the balloon Sunrise over the Target X by using the winds at different altitudes. He then throws his marker to score. The closer to the center, the more points that are scored. Howell Michigan Challenge 2006

♦ Carson City Frontier Days: June 6th through 8th
♦ Howell Michigan Challenge: June 27th through 29th
♦ Midland: September 11th through 14th